Stockyard Throughput Increases

Commodity: Iron Ore
Industry: Resources
Expertise: Asset Management


PPM were engaged to optimise a Stacker and Reclaimer control system.

  • Working with the control systems specialist from Germany the team successfully increased stockpile capacity from 9,500tph to 12,000tph resulting in a record train load out time of 2 hours and 49 minutes down from 4 hours.
  • Improvements involved changing stacking sequences, stockpile shaping to increase stockpile capacity and reclaiming efficiency; minimising reclaimer step advance and time lost at reversing points for slewing.
  • Control Systems software was improved using HMI, and the PID controller of the reclaimer was optimised to run closer to its hardware limits, after an in-depth review of the protection settings and OEM design requirements.
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