Improving Primary Crusher Remote Rock Breaker Operations

Commodity: Iron Ore
Industry: Resources
Expertise: Asset Management


PPM were engaged to improve ore processing plant rock breakers.

  • The PPM engineers analysed the rock breaker issues of oversize rock, puzzling, blockages and downtime then designed and successfully installed the new breakers during a short shutdown window by off-site pre-commissioning prior to shipping; using precast slabs for foundations and pre-installing power packs and the remote control system. The rock breakers can be remotely operated.
  • The improvements removed the need for 12 operators operating three mobile 50t breakers to break oversize rocks in the primary crusher. The new system reduced downtime by ~30% due to oversize rocks and puzzling.
  • Plant throughout capacity increased by ~ 1.5Mtpa plus and costs fell by $3Mpa.
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